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Venite a scoprire Firenze con gli occhi di una guida innamorata della citta’

‘L’unico vero viaggio verso la scoperta non consiste nella ricerca di nuovi paesaggi ma nell’avere nuovi occhi’. Utilizzate gli occhi di una guida!

 First visit to Florence: Do not miss!

A series of tours designed to help you discover the most important elements of the city:

Florence discovery

This tour is a wonderful introduction to the history of Florence for those here for the first time.

Florence Museums

It would be a shame to be in Florence and not enjoy one of its many museums!

My Bike Florence

 Cycling is an ideal way – and safe – to discover the city.

Want to discover authentic Florence ?

Make an alternative tour, satisfy personal curiosity, living to the rhythm of the city of Florence, visiting the city with your kids … and making it a game!

Florence for Families

The pleasure of a guided tour with your children, to enjoy the artistic and cultural richness of Florence and allow young people to discover its history

Florence florentine

Want to be in the shoes of a Florentine for a day? This tour is for you!

Florence gourmet and its market

Want to go deep into the history and the immense artistic heritage? Pathways Plus !

Deepen your cultural, historical and artistic side: Thematic journeys, custom tailored to your requirements.

Genius Michelangelo

Passsionate itinerary in search of the great artist.

The Medici dynasty

We can’t come to Florence without traversing the history of the Medici family.

“Inferno” Tour

This tour is recommended for people who want to discover the places, the mysteries, and the secrets from the novel by Dan Brown: “Inferno”.

Florence en ballades

Une promenade dans le Chianti à bord d’une authentique Fiat 500!


De précieux guides

Les visites de Florence et de Sienne méritent d’être accompagnées. Nous vous recommandons les conférencières francophones Ghislaine Tiozzo ( pour Florence …..