A gastronomic tour of Florence

A course for the gourmet and the curious!

Italian cuisine is renowned all over the world. But each region of Italy has its traditions and identity, in terms of recipes. This guided tour is ideal for getting to know and tasting Tuscan and Florentine cuisine. The Florence food tour with your private English-speaking guide is generally scheduled in the morning to enjoy the Florentine markets. The atmosphere of the markets is always lively, authentic, and popular. Our walk will take us to the large food market of San Lorenzo (Central Market), located near the Cathedral. This market is an integral part of local life, a great place to shop or just browse among the many stalls.

The tastings during the guided tour will involve all the senses

Such as the incomparable fragrance of freshly cut salame and pecorino cheese seasoned with olive oil, the unique flavor of “schiacciata fiorentina” accompanied by truffle products, the pleasure of a good plate of fresh pasta, or Tuscan ravioli enriched with typical sauces. All washed down with a good glass of red wine, the famous Chianti Classico. Finally, the typical dessert of the region: is Cantucci and Vin Santo. Coming out of the market, mandatory stop: a good coffee!

With this private tour, you can see why good food is such an important part of our culture!

Be tempted will be an unforgettable experience during your stay in Florence.


Jours disponibles: Du lundi au samedi.

Horaire: 9h – 14h30

Durée: 2h 

Tarif: à partir de 70 €/h. 

Degustations 15/20euro par personne.